Chimney Repairs and Fireplace Repairs

Chimney repairs and fireplace repairs are essential to keeping a safe burning fireplace.

Chimney Cap #1One does not have to even use their fireplace to have it start to deteriorate. The chimney is on top of the house exposed to all the elements. Homeowners need to maintain their chimney health just like any other part of their home. The the first and best purchase on your new home to you is a good chimney cap. A chimney cap keeps out all the moisture from rain that breaks down the mortar joints in the brick work. It also rusts any metal such as the damper or metal box if you have a prefabricated fireplace.

Most repairs on a chimney and fireplace come from moisture. Moisture enters from tow ways. The first way is from the top not being cover entirely. Chimney caps that cover the entire top prevent rain from entering. The second is humidity. Waterproofing prevents the humidity from damaging the flue, damper, and firebox.

Ashes B Gone Repairs Chimneys and Fireplaces

Mortar crowns, chimney brick work, seal or replace flashing, reliniing the flue, and rebuilding the chimney from roof up are common chimney repairs needed for a safe working fireplace.
All our work is professionally warranted by a lifetime workmanship warranty. What does that mean? We are only as good as the materials we use are warranted. However, we use ony the best materials in the chimney and fireplace industry has to offer.

Mortar Crown Coat

Mortar Crown Coat

Firebox Repairs & Rebuilds

Brick repair in fireplace

Refractory Panels for Prefab Fireplaces

Fireplace Replacement Panels