Chimney Sweep

Ashes B Gone serves as your local chimney sweep in Tarrant, Parker, Jonson, Hunt, and Ellis counties.

Chimney Sweep Arlington

Mikey Watson stared “Ashes B Gone” 14 years ago.
Every chimney sweep starts with a all points safety inspection.

What do we do for a Chimney Safety Inspection

1. Check for soot build up and suggest a chimney sweep if needed.
2. Look for cracks in the…
fireplace walls, flue, exterior chimney, mortar crown, and refractory panels
3. Check damper is opening and closing properly.
4. Light up gas starter or logs if present for proper pressure.
5. Make sure lintle is sealed.
6. Check chimney flashing is sealed properly.

Chimney Sweep Cleaning

Every chimney sweep cleaning is a “guaranteed no mess” sweep. A tarp is laid down for all equipment to ensure no mess gets on the carpet and/or furniture. A vacuum and poles are our tools to sweep the chimney out of all its soot. Hand brushes clean the fireplace of all loose soot and debris that has fell down into the fireplace.